For over twenty years we have led dog team expeditions in the vast wilderness surrounding our home.  We have outfitted and guided university courses, couples, families, groups of friends, and people of all ages, 10 to 70.


Please Note:  These are rigorous cold-weather adventures - there is nothing "soft" about them!  The trails that lead from our homestead up to the Barrens are steep and rugged, and we make our own camps for each night's stopover. Our dogs are Alaskan Huskies raised and attained by us for long -distance racing and expeditions.  Our many years of Iditarod racing are behind us, but we enjoy bringing that level of experience and that love of adventure to these trips.  You will find them unforgettable.


Delicious food, hard-working dogs, tough gear, warm tents, and absolute wilderness - we have it.  WE can outfit groups of 2-4 people, and trips from 6 to 14 days.  Trips usually start and end with a night at our homestead, and include charter flights to and from the city of Yellowknife 165 miles/266 kilometres away.


All of our dog team expeditions are arranged on a custom basis, according to each group'd interest, schedule, and experience level.  They are costly, because of our remote location and the charter flights in and out, and the small groups which suit our personalized format.  Our season runs from late November through mid-April.  


If you are interested in participating in an expedition, or setting up a trip to suit your group and schedule, please contact us directly by e-mail at, by phone at 778-330-0904, or postal mail at the address on our contact page.    We can provide references from people who have travelled with us in the past, and we can let you know about trips currently being offered.  We look forward to hearing from you.