Found Bush Hawk



  • four passengers and large cargo area
  • oversized windows         
  • spectacular visibility
  • 3-4 hours of work on one drum of fuel  
  • 600-650 mile range
  • floats/wheel skis/big tires all at 100 mph cruise
  • cabin heat for warm winter flying
  • two large freight doors open 180 degrees for easy loading
  • door is wide enough to fit a 55 gallon drum
  • useful load - 1500+ pounds on wheels
  •                          -1400+ punds on floats
  • based 165 miles northeast of Yellowknife
  • 28 years' experience ; friendly personal service, references

The Bush Hawk  is designed and proven for aerial work, survey,  telemetry, photography, sampling, staking, expeditions support, canoe drop offs, air taxi, fuel drop off…you name it.